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Coach bomber jacket, Closed jeans, L.K.Bennet boots, Coach watch


I’ve been traveling back and forth to the US a lot the past year and a half. And with a lot, I mean at least every other month. And although I love traveling, I don’t like the flying aspect of it. But I guess there’s no faster way to get there than by plane. And although Ralph and I did decide we’d love to move to the States, we still didn’t figure out the where and when’s. Is it going to be New York or sunny Los Angeles? I guess it’s a luxury having to think about “issues” like these. Fortunately I finally have my US visa so I could make the move when I want to! So far we’re way too restless to settle down in one place, and we still love Europe so the coming few months we’ll just be traveling back and forth – who knows what might happen. Time will tell.

Which brings me to the next topic: the perfect watch to complement my winter wardrobe. For someone who never used to wear watches, I’m getting quite enthusiastic thinking of adding new ones to my collection. I don’t always use my watches like they’re meant to be used: to check the time. I wear them more as a statement piece, a beautiful variation to bracelets. That’s why I really love this Coach Delancey watch. It’s a a more classic model with a surprising detail. The charms remind me of the charm bracelet I used to have when I was little, I was looking for beads to add to my bracelet everywhere I go – so for me this watch has some nostalgia to it. And I love the fact that it’s brown (although they also have it in black!), a welcome change from the usual black and gold I tend to opt for. It works so well with all the retro looks I’ve been sporting lately, to which the outfit above is no exception! That being said, it is time (yes I just did that) to start thinking of more looks that work with this one for my next trip to New York. Next week. Yup, let’s go!

Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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