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Ganni dress

Some might beg to differ, but I don’t really feel in shape right now. I don’t have any strength in my arms, have no stamina and the only work-out I’m getting right now is all the cycling I do everyday. But I don’t really see that as working out since for us Dutchies it’s simply our method of transportation. I want to be stronger and fitter, a more toned body is just the side effect that I know I’ll love. Plenty of options to achieve just that, but most of them are not for me. I’ve tried loads like ballet when I was younger, field hockey for a few years, tennis, judo, fitness and yoga. All ok-ish, but nothing I want to do keep on doing. I know I have to be motivated, and that I have to keep on going in order to really get into it, but I guess that’s just easier when you actually like what you’re doing. And have good company, as I do in my case. They say you have to find that one thing for you that really works, so recently I started doing something new: (kick)boxing. Apparently one of the fastest ways to get in shape (big plus!), and that hour is over before I know it because it’s so intense. So much so that I don’t even have time to think about those emails I still need to answer or that friend I want to text. And I feel super sore the next day which to me means that it actually did something to/for my body. I just started this month though, so who knows where this will end up, but so far-so good. And that’s promising!

What do you guys do to get or stay in shape? I’m excited to hear! I never really felt the need to work out in order to get toned because of my body being natural slim (thanks for the good genes mom!), but now I’m getting older I actually need to – but also want to, it just makes me feel better about myself and I have more energy. Will this actually start happening now? Will I become a sporty person? Who knows, but at least I’m finally trying! Apart from exercising, it’s obviously key to have the rest of your life in good shape too, which means eating healthy, getting enough sleep, lower the consumption of rose wine (but really, in summer??). I’m getting there, I’m trying. I don’t do well with diets, I just love food too much. But I am more aware of what I eat and I think that is a good start.

Because in the end, I want to still feel comfortable shooting images like the above. This shoot is definitely one of my favorites from the past few months, but I must admit that I was a little scared to post it. The look is quite revealing, but at the same time breathes that ultimate freedom feeling I had when we shot it in Laguna Beach during sunset. If I could I would mainly post stuff like this. It’s what I love to create, but it’s not always possible, neither do we regularly have locations like this around the corner. Perhaps I should try to move to LA instead?




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