“Details really do matter.”

The past few weeks were amazing. Hectic, but amazing. Traveling the world for three weeks, hitting 5 different destinations, 3 different timezones. My mind says “yay, let’s do this again”, my body is like “let’s take a step back and stay put for a while”. My style says “we’re never done”. Because no matter what timezone I’m in, I try to stick to one simple rule: whatever I feel comfortable in. And because of all the traveling I’ve been doing, plus the lack of space in my suitcase that comes with being gone for 3 weeks, I have to be more creative. So I focus on those pieces that are versatile, easy to combine in many different ways. 

blue silk suit

One of the reasons I love this Asos blue silk suit, existing of a shirt and palazzo pants. Lightweight, doesn’t take up much space, a statement color and design. Super easy to pair with other pieces, like your favorite jeans or white t-shirtThe shoes are dressing this PJ style look up, very suitable for the workfloor or just because. 


We all know I love me some of this. I could easily see myself wearing it with a cute dress too. Today I opted for statement earrings, kind of retro, I love the tortoise. Very on trend right now, plus these earrings are very low weight which is a huge plus since I can’t wear heavy jewelry for hours straight. These earrings are also amazing, they have a different design but same style. So fun with the blue silk suit! All pieces, I’m wearing today are under 50 euros and shoppable via the links above or carrousel below!

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