Whites and nudes are my favourite colour scheme to play with when it comes to my summer wardrobe. I absolutely love wearing white because it makes me feel young and feminine. A complete white outfit is and will always be so iconic, especially when combined with bold red lip. Styling this particular colour can be a little tricky because there’s a fine line between looking classy and going full bridezilla. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid that with just a few styling tips.

The best thing about wearing white is that is that it makes you appear a little more tan than you really are due to the contrast of your skin tone. Another great thing is that a head to toe look in white is just the right combination of sophistication and elegancy. When I do wear all white, I make sure that I add one pop of colour when it comes to my make – up, shoes or other accessory. This trick is very easy because white combines well with any other hue. Golden tip: when you combine two white clothing pieces that aren’t necessarily a set, make sure that they are the same shade of white to avoid looking like a mess. This may be an controversial opinion but I honestly believe that white is the easiest colour to style and anyone can pull it off!


Janesuda dress in Koh Samui, Thailand

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