tibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet toptibi crochet topWearing: Tibi crochet top, Closed t-shirt, Tibi skirt, The Mode Collective shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch.


Talking about favorites. My favorite city (and no, don’t worry, this is not gonna be another declaration of my love for New York), my favorite color (is off-white even a color?), my new favorite brand (amongst others), my favorite heels (I’ll explain this one in a later post), shot at my favorite time of the day (sundown). So yeah, a lot of favorites. And time wise, it being Memorial Day weekend plus we’re in the midst of wedding season, so an all-white outfit: why not?

Coming back to one of the points I mentioned above: wearing white on white. How do we do that without looking either like a (runaway) bride or like a doctor? And then I’m not even mentioning the fact that white clothes get dirty so fast. But white on white is awesome, so here are a few tips and tricks to try out at home:

1. Fabrics. Mixing fabrics is key when it comes to wearing white. Different structures make you clothing look more interesting and thus appealing. Play around with that!

2. Silhouettes. A plain jeans and t-shirt combination might be too simple when you’re doing the all white thing. But when the silhouette is more interesting, like the short skirt here, your look can go from plain Jane to sexy Bexy.

3. Details. When a piece is strong enough, it can stand out on its own. And both the top and skirt do that in this ensemble. There’s so much detail that you keep on looking, despite the fact that it’s “just white”. Oh and for the record, your eye-catching detail could also be killer shoes – obviously.

4. Make-up. Although I didn’t wear too much of it in this look, I think a bright red lip can easily spice up an all white outfit. Or try a smokey eye for a tougher effect.

5. Skin. I don’t think everyone might agree upon this one, but showing some skin can balance the white out. When you’re wearing long sleeves and pants, try some cleavage. Or when it’s loose fitted on top: get those legs out.

Basically just play around with it, there are no rules. White on white is definitely not boring if you’d ask me. Would you wear it? Curious to hear if you have any pieces you’d care to share.

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