by-malene-birger-fw-15-1by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15Wearing: By Malene Birger dress and bracelet, Reebok shoes, Bonheur earring.


The last one from my editorials for By Malene Birger, shot in Copenhagen. I have a weak spot for dresses like this (the model is the same as this one I wore last summer), loose fitted and longer length. Obviously I paired the dress with sneakers to make it less party and more me. Who says you can only wear sequin dresses at night? Wouldn’t that be a waste? A day-to-night look could be pretty convenient during times like this. Here are a few tips on how to wear a party dress during the day:

1. Flats. Whether it be a pair of sneakers or ballerinas, wearing more casual flat shoes will make your party dress instantly more daytime appropriate. Heels could potentially be a bit over the top. For me, nothing a pair of white trainers can’t fix.

2. Layering. Just like with anything else, layering just works. A t-shirt underneath a strapless dress (like here), or a pair of jeans paired under a sheer skirt. Make sure to keep it tight and focused, with the attention clearly on the piece you want to highlight – without it looking like you’ve put on all of your wardrobe. How about a checked shirt, long lean cardigan or leather biker jacket? Or go for 70s denim, works for me!

3. Dress vs skirt. An oversized jumper always works to hide a multitude of daytime sins, bringing structure and interest to the outfit (like I showed here). It’s a different kind of layering that deserves a spot on the list by itself, covering a big chunk of your party ensemble.

4. Accessories. Think straw hats, stacked bangles, oversized sunglasses or even a leather cap. Casual accessories make for an instantly more casual attire. Easy does it!

From now on you can skip the party-searching, and style your cocktail dress with laidback accessories for a dynamic daytime look!

Ph. by Fransiska, editing by me

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