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Sometimes Instagram just reads your mind. Or actually some of the people you follow do. I saw this on Charlotte‘s Instagram the other day and it’s EXACTLY how I feel. While I’m writing this is still quite cold outside, and very grey, with no prospects of it getting better any time soon. Ok. From Sunday it will, as they predicted Spring weather, but do you know how far away that still is? Like 5 days away from now?

“Oh okay. It’s March. Nobody panic. Hahahahaha it’s fine. Everything’s cool. It was just Christmas but okay. It’s March now.”

And that’s not cool. Apart from my half-birthday taking place in March (March 10th), which no one seems to want to celebrate with me, it’s b.o.r.i.n.g. Nothing happens really. I could’ve gone to fashion week in Paris, of course, but decided to focus on other projects and upcoming trips instead. You have to make choices from time to time, and this was mine for now. Secretly hoping for someone to get me to the city of love (preferably with my love), but so far that’s exactly that: wishful thinking.

So all this above got me thinking. How to get through March? I need to get through this month no matter how I put it, so I’d better get on with it. I’ll just try to complain today only, and will be super duper positive the rest of the month. Or at least I’ll try, because I’ll be working on my plan, the March survival master plan:

1. Travel a go-go. I’m obsessed and very addicted to traveling. I simply can’t do without (cut the drama!), so I always need to have something in the prospect. So before I finish one trip I’m already thinking about the next one. I really take after my mom when it comes to that. So when I decided to skip Paris, I’m thinking a business trip in early April to my fave city within Europe and a personal/business trip to my fave country in the world at the end of next month. We’ll see what comes up, since I can never know really, work stuff tends to come up when I least expect it.

2. Fashun. Obviously, fashion. The way to go for us blogger gals, my other big passion. It’s a very fun way to get through the month and I’m thinking of going all the way. Sorting my sh* out, I finally need to create some space in my closet because it’s really getting out of hand. Then sell stuff, or give it away, making sure at least someone can be happy with the items I can’t use anymore. After that, organizing everything, I want to push myself to be more creative with styling. Taking that top at the bottom of the pile instead of always the one on top. Let’s see how that turns out, can’t really predict if this one is gonna be a big success.

3. Do. So I’ve had the same haircut for a few years now. Until yesterday, when I took a step in the right direction. I decided to make a BIG change (for me, for others it’s minuscule), which you can see on my snapchat (@raspberrynrouge). I’ll post my first look with the new do shortly, but until then you can entertain yourself by judging it on my social media channels.

4. Catch-up. And then I don’t mean on your favorite tv-series per se. Ok, I’m obviously keeping track of mine, especially now ‘House of Cards’ just started again. But I mean with those who are really important in your life. Family, friends, those people who make you who you are. The best version of you that is. And now I’m spending the month in the country I think it’s good to stop by my granddad that extra time, and make dinner plans with friends from outside the city (Amsterdam red., we ‘Amsterdammers’ tend to think that there’s nothing beyond or city limits). This must be my fave part en best way to get through this month.

5. Sh* bloggers do. I do have time, next to my current projects, to catch up on some work. I need to get some stuff organized, do my taxes, make a mediakit (finally!) etc. I always postpone work related things like this. But I do think I need to take care of that side of my business I don’t like myself to, because it is indeed part of my business and thus I should know the ins and outs.

6. Bikini body. Yes again. And since I quit working out as per usual, this is another goal of mine coming month. I need to get fit for next month cause I’ll have a few occasions I want to look best very best on. And once I’ll tell you more about that you will understand I guess. Best motivation if you’d ask me!

So these five points above I’ll be focusing on the coming few weeks. So curious to hear how you guys feel about March and how to get through ‘boring’ months like this. Starting out with point number due in this look, mixing prints that you initially would never match together. Loving the 70s vibe of the outfit we shot in London last week, totes matching my new do.


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