There’s nothing worse than when your traveling to a particular destination and you’re singled out as a tourist. As someone who travels a lot, I experience this all the time. Therefore, I’ve compiled a couple of tips on how to be a tourist and not dress the part. 

  1. Follow the dress code
    Each country has their own culture, which relates to particular set of guidelines when it comes to dressing in public. Do your research before hand so you know exactly what to pack – and what not to pack. Be mindful and respect the rules because the last thing you want to do is upset the people who have allowed you into their country.
  2. learn some of the local language 
    Locals tend to like it when tourists bothered to learn the basics of their language as they see it as a sign of mutual respect. It also comes in super handy when you don’t know your way around and your only option is to converse with the local people.
  3. Fake it all day, everyday
    Don’t want to look like a tourist? Then act as if you’re not one. Keep your head held high and strut the area with confidence. It helps when you wear something traditional or carry something recognisably local  so that you blend into the public.
  4. Take pictures, but don’t overdo it
    As a blogger who relies on photography, I completely understand how important it is to take pictures when visiting new places. However, if you’re going to some of the tourists spots and you don’t want to be put in the same category, it may be a good idea to sneak a picture or two and then put the camera away. Also, it’s nice to enjoy these moments in life without the pressure of getting the perfect shot. 
  5. Don’t flash your cash
    Tourists have the tendency to carry a bunch of cash on hand for several reasons. Either they aren’t sure about the difference in currency so they bring more than they need to, or they can’t pay with cards so that is their only option. Either way, locals tend to prey on tourists and therefore it’s a better idea to keep to yourself when it comes to your dough. 
  6. Eat at local restaurants
    Typically tourists always go for the best known restaurants with the highest ratings on Tripadvisor (which I too am guilty of). Sometimes, however, the eateries that are popular amongst the locals are much better than the tourists spots.
  7. travel out of season if possible 
    When there are less tourists around, there is a smaller chance you will seen as one. Also, traveling out of season give you an overall better experience due to less expensive hotel rates, less crowded tourists spots, and better photo opportunities.

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