Let me introduce you to one of my favourite clothing fabrics: Shearling! Shearling is a type of skin from a shorn sheep or lamb that has been tanned and pressed whilst keeping the wool perfectly intact. On one side it has a suede surface which is typically worn on the outside and a fur surface on the other. Real shearling breathes, is super comfy and  flexible enough to wear over layers which I think is very functional. Synthetic shearling, which is also commonly known as “sherpa”, is a lot less dense and heavy than the real thing. In fact Serpa usually has a subtle shine on the outer part, which is how you can tell the difference between a real and fake shearling product.

Shearling street style new york
Shearling Coat NY street style

Shearling became a concept right around the time of World War One. Military uniforms – specifically the bomber jackets were made to protect the soldiers from freezing temperatures. This apparel continued to be worn during World War Two however later progressed into street wear within the modern fashion industry. As a result, shearling is available in any high -end store or boutique in a range of different product types including bags, shoes, and coats. 

I absolutely love the fabric. It can get really cold in New York during the winter months and that’s when I turn to shearling. Its comfortable, versatile and never really goes out of style. There are a million different ways to style a shearling coat like this. You could decide to go for a sophisticated look and wear it over a dress with heels, or you can be a little more laidback and style it with trousers and boots. The colour tan combines extremely well with almost any other colour, but personally I like to style it with a dark navy jean. How would you style this beautiful shearling coat?

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