A couple of days ago I was having a business meeting during lunch time, and I overheard myself saying: I can’t believe my Fall/Winter items start coming in already – is it really that time again. When you spend the summer in Amsterdam you don’t really get the feeling that you have a real “summer” – the in-between weather seems to last forever. June was great, but I was mostly out of the country. So when I got back in July, the moody weather started. Usually but the time I get my first Fall/Winter items I’m sort of ready for the new season, now not so much. I’m ready for the clothing, don’t get me wrong. I always love a good coat! I’m just not ready to say farewell to summer just yet. I’ve been sorting out my closet a lot lately and plenty of items have “left the building” but I can see my new coats (I already have 4 winter coats red. WHAT?) filling up that space! So there’s no ignoring the seasons changing anymore, my first NYFW requests have started to come in already. Where did the time go? Someone help me please?

However, I do like new clothing, especially when it’s as amazing as the above. How good is every single piece (if I may say so myself)? The pieces work just as well worn together as they do apart. Ok so maybe I’m a little ready, if anything getting pieces like this help me prep more!

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