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Hotel life! I have to admit: it might be my guilty pleasure. I love it! And last week, when I had to shoot my big Topshop project, I needed a place to crash in-between shoots. A room where I could change and chill for a bit when it started pouring out. Since it was raining basically every single minute of the day, we really needed to take advantage of the few dry moment. My friends over at the Hoxton were so kind to offer me a room for the day (and night!) so I could be more comfortable. And while shooting some looks inside, we also took a bunch of other snaps. Not my usual kind of post, but I really loved the interior, so I figured I might as well share it. I also brought some of my own candles to make it feel more homey, something I do more often when I travel. These candles are from Lumira, one of my fave Aussie labels when it comes to scented candles with a pretty design!

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