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H&M Studio A/W 2016 sweater and boots, Re/Done jeans, Katie Mullally necklace

If you would have told me that I’d wear a red sweater or red boots (let alone together) a few years back I would say that you’re crazy! It’s fun to see how someone’s personal style can evolve over the years. Now I love red! The same goes for sneakers though, those of you who have been following me for years might know I never used to wear them, I even said I just wasn’t the sneaker-girl… Now look at me! Do you guys have that too? Anyway, red is good, so good – especially when it comes to the red I’m wearing in these images. It’s from the H&M Studio collection that will be in stores September 8th, I was lucky enough to select my favorite pieces already. I love the studio collections because they’re much more detailed and the fabrics feel extra luxurious, not really what you’d envision instantly from a high street brand. And that is why I love mixing high- and lower-end pieces: it shouldn’t matter whether a piece of clothing is expensive or not, it should just look and feel good. That’s why I became more and more selective in what I wear, I want pieces to last now instead of refreshing my entire wardrobe every season. I guess that has something to do with getting older, my preferences and taste change. But something that will never really out of style, nor out of my mind are the good old jeans. The ones I’m wearing here are relatively new, they’re literally redone vintage Levi’s jeans – with an updated cut and fit. Definitely one of the basics everyone should have if you’d ask me! Also proof that basic doesn’t necessarily mean boring, no? Nothing goes above having the perfect pair of blues!

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