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Gucci t-shirt, Gucci skirt, Ganni shoes, Jimmy Choo bag


Straight after my trip to France I flew to the UK for a flash trip to the British countryside. And with straight after, I mean STRAIGHT after. I arrived back from Nice at 1AM and had an 8.30AM flight to Birmingham. In the meantime I had to wait for my suitcase, unpack, re-pack and sleep for a few hours. Which I obviously didn’t, do you have that as well? When you know you have to get up early, you just don’t sleep. It’s so annoying, but no matter what I take (and I obviously prefer not to use any sleeping pills), I just don’t. So with zero sleep I went back to the airport and tried to get some shut eye in the plane. I managed to sleep for a good 30 minutes on the flight – YAY! Honestly 30 minutes is better than nothing, but not necessarily enough to be super energetic when I really had to be.

Because I was in the UK for a quintessential British Sports day, including all the obvious games like (designer) bag hopping and all. Net-A-Porter invited me for a day full of fun activities at Soho Farmhouse, where me and my friend Alicia got to stay in the cutest (but big!) cottage for the night. We were captured by the amazingly talented Moeez on our way to dinner – yours truly clad in Gucci (!). This Gucci shirt is literally the best. Even Ralph wore it once (it’s unisex and simply amazing). I wanted to share these pics because they really catch the fun vibes of that day, rainy British weather and all. Thanks to the Net-A-Porter team for an amazing day, can’t wait to see you all soon!



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