rebecca laurey calvin klein bikini
rebecca laurey calvin klein bikinirebecca laurey calvin klein bikinirebecca laurey calvin klein bikinirebecca laurey calvin klein bikinirebecca laurey calvin klein bikinisumer readyrebecca laurey calvin klein bikini

How to get your body summer ready? It is the one big question I keep on asking myself, because I don’t only have to get my body Summer ready, but also Fall, Winter and Spring ready. I, very lucky me, have trips to tropical – or at least warm – destinations all year round. I had Mexico in January, Key West in March and California in April. And Summer didn’t even start yet, who knows what’s coming up! So, maybe I should’ve called this post “how to get your body ready, period.”, but since for most of you guys the Summer holidays are coming up I figured it makes a lot of sense to stick to the title above.

I have felt, and still occasionally feel, very insecure about my body. I’ve felt like a giant both length and width wise many times before, but still, I love prancing around in my swimwear. How? I guess it has to do with some sort of confidence that I force myself to have, a sense of freedom that I feel when I strip down to only that what’s necessary to bathe in. Maybe it has to do with #mycalvins, because who wouldn’t feel like wearing a bikini like the one above? I wasn’t sure about the color at first, but when I first wore it with a little tan I was obsessed, otherwise I could’ve gotten the bikini in yellow or black too. More sporty swimwear styles are gonna be hot this Summer so make sure you get your share asap! Calvin Klein has some great new other designs too, that I can’t wait to try on during my next trip (which I’m planning this week, it might be Sicily, any tips?). So how do we get ready for swimwear this season? Let me share my take on the matter.

I don’t really like working out, as you guys now, but did do some exercise over the past few months. Just before wearing my bikinis and swimsuits, I start doing a little extra. I mainly use Youtube to search for butt and ab exercises. Even if you’d just do it for a couple of weeks, you’ll see some result. I also do hot yoga, not only good for the mind but also helps to tone the body. I cycle a lot, which is an advantage Dutchies have I guess. Next to that I try to sleep 8 hours a night and adjust my diet, usually just a little, for a little while, but still. Eating healthy obviously helps to get your body in the shape you want to faster, fortunately I have good genes so I don’t have to cut out loads to see some effect. The latter obviously depends on your body type, this is just my experience. These tips are all very obvious, add exercise, cut unhealthy food and alcohol. And drink loads of water, it helps you hydrate and feel fuller faster (so less ice-cream cravings perhaps). What else is new?

I think it’s key to wear something that you’re comfortable in. I have a friend that thinks she gained weight (I always ask her: where? I can’t see it!), and so she only wears swimsuits. But sexy, low cut swimsuits (like this one), that make her feel super feminine. Nobody is perfect (not even those Victoria Secret models), so you don’t have to strive to be so either. It’s only human to have flaws, just focus on those parts of your body you are proud of. If you your belly is not Summer ready, but you are, just wear a high waisted bikini if that makes you feel better. Life is too short to always worry about the way you look, it’s ok to cover those insecurities up for the day and just hide them under the fabric of your swimsuit of you feel like doing that and it’s OK to show them. Finding the right swimwear for your body type is key, so take some time to decide what works for you. Always go for quality over quantity, you will not regret it. Obviously it helps when the perfect bikini is affordable too, so here I am sharing my fave from the pretty amazing new Calvin Klein collection because I’m quite sure you guys will like it too. You can get the top here and the bottom here!

I feel confident in #mycalvins, how about you?

Calvin Klein top and bottom


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