ganni waistcoatganni waistcoatganni waistcoatganni waistcoat ganni waistcoatganni waistcoat Ganni waistcoat / Etre Cecile jeans (via the Outnet, on sale) / Public Desire shoes / Chloe sunglasses / Tory Burch bag

I can’t believe how fast time is passing by! It’s almost Spring you guys! And we have been able to feel that over here in New York for sure, I love it. We had some pretty good days recently, and for me – this being my first winter here – the NYC “colder” months are not that bad. I’ve heard this year was way better than last year though, so I guess I got lucky with the weather… That usually doesn’t happen, because I tend to be the one that brings the rain and cold. Perhaps that “curse” is over now. So I left my faux furs in the apartment and ventured out wearing a leather or wool jacket only. Anyway, enough about the weather (I’m Dutch, I can’t help it – we just usually have something to complain about), let’s talk about this look. Because I wasn’t really sure if I liked it, but Ralph told me it looked great together. Sometimes I try to trust his judgement when I just don’t know. Because I’m that kinda girl too, that has a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. And then I just opt for what I know, and wear the same thing all the time. Do you guys ever get that? I guess so, we’re only human you know!


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