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Magali Pascal dress

Freedom, no time awareness, no shoes, no worries. Just one week. Totally and utterly detaching from the hectic world I live in. Do you guys know the feeling? It’s been a long, and by that I mean LONG, time since I last felt that way. And I can only blame myself for that, it’s me who keeps on pressuring myself. Being self employed I rarely take breaks, I don’t really do weekends or holidays. But since life it so much more than just work, this week in Mexico totally rebooted me. New ideas, new directions, new energy to take on my life and business. And all of that with my favorite person by my side. Although Ralph and I both work from home and obviously see each other a lot, it still feels like we miss that quality time. Actually doing something together, go out for dinner or a nice stroll in the park. I love that and I need that! But then there’s always email, Instagram and what not. Such a stupid excuse, but it is the case. And that is definitely a little something I’d love to work on. Because without those moments of peace an quiet, I will wear myself out. That’s not good for me, not for my man, not for my friends or family, not even for my business. So who am I kidding? Thank you Mexico, for teaching me a lesson.

Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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