A dream come true. That more or less describes it. I’ve always dreamed about having my own product line, and although I don’t officially own this, I designed these shoes from scratch. A process that takes up so much more time than I anticipated. It took a year from the moment Flattered first approached me to design a shoe for their FW18 collection, to actually selling the products.

black cowboy boots
flattered x rebecca 36

“Timeless and on trend at the same time.”

black boots

The boots are a bit 70s inspired, a mix between a chelsea and cowboy boot. A snake print, because I just love animal print. It was quite the guess though, designing something so long in advance, it can be hit or miss. There were no FW18 trend forecasts when I designed it so it could’ve gone the complete opposite way. Thankfully my gut feeling (always trust that!) was right and snake print is very much now.

snake print cowboy boots
snake print cowboy boots
snake print cowboy boots

It’s the statement boot that can spice up any outfit, but basic enough not to steal the show if you opt for the black version. It’s a classic shoe, that people will hopefully will enjoy for a long time! I wanted them to be timeless, but still on trend.

snake print cowboy boots
snake print cowboy boots

I wanted them to be very comfortable, but still have a decent height. So you can wear it from day to night, I want people that buy the shoes to really make the most of it. Not that shoe you’ll wear once a month at night. It’s my go-to, hopefully it’ll be yours too!

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snake print boots

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