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vogue netherlands tulips bikini hunkemoller paintings interiorSometimes my boyfriend has genius inspirations. Like last weekend, when he came up with a couple of Tumblr photos of girls wearing caps. Obviously I’ve considered doing it myself before, because there’s nothing new about it, but maybe I needed that last push. That’s one of the many things I love about my guy, his above average interest in fashion and all things cool. Whether for him or for myself, he’s always coming up with cool ideas. Like my own Kanye, in the “personal stylist” way – I must add. Get yours here, here or here.

The Dutch VOGUE recently celebrated its one-year-anniversary, and this months’ edition does not only feature a gorgeous shoot with one of our most famous and successful models (Doutzen red.), but also a VOGUE tee. And who wouldn’t want that? One big issue full of summer inspiration, I know what I’ll be diving into coming weekend (are we almost there?).

My weekly bouquet turned out to be a chauvinistic one. Orange tulips, I couldn’t get any more Dutch than that, right? There’s always a fresh new bunch on my table, the one colorful item in our living room.

A new bikini came in this week from Hunkemoller, like I said before, just in time for Barcelona next week. I’ll be headed over there for the Mango Summer Experience 2013 together thanks to always lovely Zanita – who decided I could come with her to celebrate fashion and summer in my favorite Spanish city. I am dying to go back there and refresh the memories. More on that next week I presume.

Last but not least a quick shot of what has been hanging on our living room wall for a couple of years now, like you’ve previously seen here a long time ago (it looks quite different now, I immediately removed all those plants for example – put down there just for the shoot). These paintings are inspired by a Dutch artist named Anton Heyboer, interpreted by my boyfriend. I think it’s a lovely personal touch in our apartment, spicing up our almost all-white interior. I’m lucky enough to have a guy that’s creative in so many ways, and I’m more than happy to share a few of those with you guys.

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