topshop-cape-6topshop capetopshop capetopshop capetopshop capetopshop-cape-1topshop capetopshop capetopshop capetopshop cape topshop capeWearing: Topshop cape, Filippa K coat, Whistles top and pants, ASOS belt, Jimmy Choo bag, Topshop shoes, Bonheur earring.


Flashback to London! This was the one post I still wanted to show you guys. Shot at the same location as this one, remember? It’s funny how much of a difference a year can make! So much has happened since… Time truly flies, and I can’t help but feel nostalgic from time to time. But hey, nothing we can do to stop the time, or even pause it even for a minute. Maybe that’s for the best though, because it makes each new moment a new opportunity. And just like William Arthur Ward once said:

“Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them.”

I’m trying to be more aware of “moments” when I have them, so I can avoid realizing only afterwards how amazing something was. Live your dreams and take risks, because life is happening now.

These thoughts have nothing to do with my outfit though, just something that’s in my head currently. So back to business, about the look. Layered or bundled up, as you prefer, since it was actually too cold not to be wearing a winter coat. But stubborn as I am, I decided to make it work anyway. En route from one meeting to the other, before bumping in to an old friend. I love London, I always feel at home across the pond. Can’t wait to be back for new adventures soon, but first it’s Amsterdam time!

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