gestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitgestuz white suitWearing: Gestuz blazer and pants, ZARA shirt, Reebok shoes, Rag & Bone bag, Daniel Wellington watch, Bonheur earring.


Suits. One very big love of mine, as you might have noticed by now. When I first saw this pinstriped version, I knew I had to have it! Perfect fashion week material, so the first chance I got, I took it with me. Copenhagen for the win! I love winter whites – such a fun way to start wearing your summer collection before the temperatures actually would say it’s ok. When it’s as cold as it was out there, I always wear tights underneath. I hate tights, you guys know that, but it’s the best way to keep warm. The snow started falling down as soon as we started shooting: a fun and very Scandinavian side-effect, don’t you think?

This was my day look on my first day in Copenhagen. The day existed of shooting and meetings, before my first show of the day at 5PM. When it comes to fashion week dressing, there are no rules. Although I would like to add one: be yourself. Just like always, you should be yourself, don’t pretend. I think fashion week is the season to show the best, boldest, most fun version of yourself, absolutely, but I think it should still be recognizable as you. Other than that: do your thing! Go wild! Here are a few fun fashion week style tips to be a bit more creative with what you wear (and it doesn’t necessarily has to be for fashion week, now does it):

1. Mix and match. This could apply to your jewelry, mixing gold and silver, but also to prints. Why not pair that striped tee with that 70s printed skirt? It’s a fun and easy way to make your outfit instantly more fashion and fun.

2. Underwear becomes outerwear. Just liked I tried to show you guys here before, underwear doesn’t necessarily need to stay covered. It could just as well be a part of your look, an addition and sexy touch to whatever you’re wearing on top.

3. It’s your party! My last outfit post was all about this, you can wear your party dresses during the day! Why not make more use of what you have hanging in your closet by just pairing it differently? Try layering your sequin dress with a leather or denim jacket, and switch those heels for sneakers. Fun!

4. Monochrome all day every day. This one applies to the look above. Nothing wrong and nothing boring about wearing one colour head-to-toe.

5. 5 inch and up. No I’m not talking about the blog here, although I love that one, I’m talking heels. Fashion week season is the perfect excuse to start wearing thoe fun heels you got recently. Pair them with cute socks (trying that one out as we speak, to be continued), but never forget to bring flats in your bag – because who could walk in heels all day, every day, during a entire month?

6. Make it up. That red or fuchsia colored lipstick isn’t just suitable when it’s after 8PM. I know some of you might dare to colour those lips during the day already, but for those who don’t: no time like the present, right?

7. Accessorize. Sunglasses are not only for summer and clutch bags definitely not only for the night. Get those favorites out of their dustbags and covers! I think it’s such a waste to only use specific items for specific occasions, so I decided to be more creative with what I already have instead of constantly deliberating what I still need to buy.

Just a few pointers to get you guys going, curious if you have some style tips for the season you’d love to share?

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