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It has been slightly more quiet the past few days, and I’ll stretch it out for a little bit because there’s so much happening these days that I can’t seem to manage to update this space regularly. Isn’t it suppose to be the holiday season? Vacation anyone? So bare with me here, as I have a bunch of occasions and trips coming up with loads of shoot opportunities. I just don’t want to post anything just to post if you get what I mean. We need quality stuff here! But then I realized that I never shared these pics from London. Why? Who knows. But I’m posting them now. Basically what I want to say is the following, when you feel like you don’t have enough content to keep on going on your blog:

1. Don’t post just to “post”. It’s not worth it, you want to have quality over quantity. And when you’re not really feeling what you’re posting, your reader won’t either.

2. Re-use old content. Now, I’ve done this for a while and stopped doing so, but it’s a great way to fill up the gap. Loads of reader who’ve been following you for a while might’ve seen it and get a nice refreshment, and new ones will see it for the first time.

3. Take time. To find inspiration for new project or planning your business strategy. Sometimes it’s the weather (it is for me), or you don’t know what to wear, have too many meetings, personal issues etc… so you’d rather not post. Take the time to figure out what’s next, and how you can surprise your readers with awesome new content.

So now we got that “out of the way”, how do you get your inspiration back to start posting again? Well, I guess it’s different for everyone, but for me the following really works:

1. Magazines. I get a lot of inspiration out of the editorials I see in VOGUE or Porter Magazine for example. Now obviously it’s hard to copy what those beautiful magazines are doing, and that shouldn’t be your aim either, but it’s good for inspiration for sure.

2. Tumblr. I’m not really keen on following many other fashion blogs. Yeah I do try to keep up with what my friends are doing, and I guess it’s good to know what’s out there, but it could also shift your focus to what others are doing instead of yourself – I find it distracting more than anything else most of the time. But I do follow a bunch of Tumblr accounts, because they gather all of the most inspiring images from all over the web and social media, creating a “mood board” with loads of inspiration. Anyone interested in reading a post with my fave websites? Give me a shout!

3. Travel. Ok, this might be a tricky one, because not everyone is able to travel a lot or even enjoys it. I’m lucky enough to be traveling often for both my and my husband’s work, but it’s also in the little things. You can take a train to that city that’s actually that close by that you wonder why you don’t go there more often. Look at specials, a lot of airlines have special offers frequently, sometimes you just have to go for it. Even if it’s just for a day or two. With Airbnb in our lives it’s made so much easier to move around too, right? Even looking at the possibilities to travel somewhere makes me happy, looking into locations to shoot, dreaming away.

4. Home. But even if you’re “just at home”, you can make it work. As a Dutchie I love taking my bike (but it could just as well be your car of course) and just cruise around, in search of undiscovered locations to shoot at. Sometimes all you need is the right location to find inspiration to create content again.

5. Clean-out. It’s the best thing ever and I try to do this every month: a closet clean-out. You will be surprised by the amount of items you “forgot” about when you do this. I’m not the tidiest person out there, so I tend to pile things up until my closet explodes, and then I have to go through everything and toss a bunch of things – but also rediscovering others. Maybe you’ll bump into that perfect dress to shoot against that bright colored wall or cute doorway.

I’m so curious what you guys have to say about this post, and if you have any suggestions at all. Stay tuned for loads of cool content coming up, but in the meantime at least you’ll know what I’m doing with my time.

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