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The title explains perfectly fine what I was thinking when we arrived to our hotel in Carmel Valley: “Am I dreaming?”. I’m usually THE city girl, Ralph makes fun of that constantly: I’m afraid of bugs, being somewhere without wifi, having to wear special footwear etc. But when nature is combined with one of my guilty pleasures aka pretty hotels, everything is ok all of the sudden. And then nature becomes something I very much want to be a part of, does that make sense? I’m super spoiled when it comes to traveling, I don’t like camping, nor did I ever, I don’t like riding buses or taking the train (unless it is to go to Paris). I don’t know what it is, or what happened when I was younger. But I guess everyone has their preferences and there’s nothing wrong with that! Taking a holiday for me means not having to think about a single thing, and backpacking for example implies (at least for me) that there’s much to worry about. I love planning my travels, I’d like to know beforehand what I’m up to and where I’m staying. It makes me nervous not to. Does anyone of you recognize this? Please tell me I’m not the only one! Anyway, we were discussing nature. And of course I love it, who doesn’t? I just wouldn’t live in the middle of nowhere probably, but as an escape, just for a few days, it’s perfectly fine. The city girl can take it!

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