York, the city of my dreams. I’ve been thinking about moving here for such a long time, basically since I was 12 years old – long before I ever visited the Big Apple. I remember getting out of the subway in the city for the first time, close to Bryant Park (in the middle of the city aka surrounded by skyscrapers), and being in complete and utter awe. Those tall buildings! All those people! Where am I? So impressive! After a week in the city I knew I had to come back soon and way more often. And so I did. After years of going back and forth, spending more and more time in the States, the moment is finally here. We’ve moved to New York! It really felt like now or never and we’ll see where this is gonna take us, I’m trying to be open and embrace whatever this big change is going to bring us. And just enjoy it first and foremost. If you’re facing massive rescaling in your life, your first impulse will be to go into a whirring spin of activity. But there’s a lot of value in sitting quietly, making sense of what’s happening and taking things as they come. Catch yourself off-guard and see what happens! I just want change, something that I both love and loath at the same time, work for us. Start small, think big, embracing whatever is going to come our way.

As someone who doesn’t like change (who does, really?), it comes as no surprise that something small like getting my hair cut already terrifies me. I guess this is not a new concept, but recently I started to think why this may be. For me, I find a lot of identity in my hair: it’s a safety blanket. But if there’s something I learned from moving across the globe it’s this: change is necessary because we fear it. And when you execute the change it means you’re facing your fears. And if you are making a change that really scares you, it means you needed it. While I’m talking about a haircut here, which obviously is not some life altering event, this concept translates to life in general. Change is something I have thought about a lot lately, as it has been very apparent in my life recently. It’s something I’ve had to consciously force myself to embrace, rather than let it swallow me whole (easier said than done). When there’s a lot of change happening around me, it feels good to be in control of some of it, in whatever way I can. I put that theory into practice with getting a haircut, even if it only was about three inches (which was a lot for me!).

It feels kind of liberating not having to worry about it so much, it’s so much easier to take care off and just looks healthier. Enter Herbal Essences! Their Vitamin E With Cocoa Butter shampoo and conditioner are helping my hair to get fit again after weeks of not taking proper care of it. It smells like chocolate, which is kind of amazing, I mean chocolate?! So great! And my hair feels so soft and shiny after using it. The products are specifically crafted with naturally inspired ingredients to repair damaged hair and strengthen it against future breakage. After 21 days my hair should be back to life and ready to take on this city and new adventure we’re embarking on! So, cheers to change, no matter how much we hate it. Find a way to like it, embrace it, get some control over it, and take advantage of it. Chop chop, get to it!

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