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In a flashy world like the one we live in, it’s sometimes hard to actually stop doing what we’re doing and just breath… Running around, trying to juggle our professional and personal lives – where is the “you” in all of this? Ralph keeps on telling me that I need to push in that pause button every once in a while to look back at what I’ve done and reflect on what went wrong but mostly enjoy and cherish what went right. Looking ahead is good and healthy, but we simply can’t control what’s coming next. The one thing we can control is ourselves, our lives, our breaths. When I do hot yoga, they teach me how to breath. I’m not good at it whatsoever, but what matters is that I try. Awareness is everything, and for me, because I’m focusing on breathing the right way so much, I don’t have the time nor space in my head to think about anything else. It’s in the little things! Now I’m getting older (sounds so dramatic but still) I’m pushing to myself to live in the now more and more. There’s no use in sticking to the past, because that’s (long) gone. The future… Who knows what might happen! The now we can control. The people we care about and invest in, that’s what matters. Don’t expect anything from anybody. Let things come as they come, let them go as they go. Just appreciate everything and everybody as they are when you can, breathing in the soft air, however busy and hectic it might be and try to just smile at life…

Magali Pascal dress / Lack of Color hat

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