winter-fashion-blogger-1nanushka coatnanushka coatnanushka coatNanushka coat / Ganni suit / Adidas sneakers / White and Warren hat / ZARA faux fur scarf / By Malene Birger knit

Just before fashion week I had loads of meetings and a lot of catching up to do. Being back in the city feels so good though, no matter how little time I have to actually explore the city. I started with a bang, attending fashion week shows, presentations and dinners (party?), and now it’s finally time to kick back and relax a bit more. The weekend is getting closer and closer, can’t wait to wander around and have coffee and lunch at all of our favorite places. I also really wanna hang out with my New York friends as we didn’t really get to do that during fashion week. With the extreme temperatures we also didn’t really get the opportunity to shoot a lot of looks. It was minus 20 degrees celcius outside last weekend! And although I shouldn’t be the one to complain, since being a Dutchie means I’m used to the cold, but this was something else. A whole different dimension of cold, I never experienced it before! Basically running in and out of the apartment, into an Uber, on to the show and back. Beforehand I told people I was ready for the experience, and it definitely was one. This week has been better temperature wise, we also got quite some snow which I loved (the moment it falls down, not the moment it’s starts to change into slush). Anyway, a manic first week with a lot of highs. Got so much more to share with you guys soon, stay tuned for loads more looks and stay up to date by following me on Instagram and Snapchat (started snapping so much more: raspberrynrouge).

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