by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15by malene birger fw15Wearing: all By Malene Birger FW 15, in stores this summer.


The items I’m wearing above are all straight from the catwalk, the By Malene Birger winter collection for next year. I feel so lucky to have had a little taste of what’s to come, so soon after it was shown to the public. The day after the show in Copenhagen I had the opportunity to shoot my favorite looks from what was shown the previous evening. The look above was the opening one and my absolute fave! I just can’t get over the structured shape and fabrics of the cape top and leather culottes. They’re me in pieces of clothing: minimalistic, oversized yet still feminine. I love it when I can relate to a brand this much! And then, as if it was nothing, we were shooting in the beautiful Glyptotek museum. I’ve always wanted to shoot on a location like this, but never managed to get it done until last week. Fingers crossed for more opportunities like this. Talking off… I need to start planning my shoots for my next trips abroad, I can save so much time by just preparing properly! For now I have a flash trip to London tomorrow and the day after, flying in and out for just over 24 hours. Then I have two weeks at home before my next fashion week, London again. Bummed out I’m missing New York, hopefully I can manage to go next season. Again: it’s all in the preparations. Planning for fashion week is fun, but also tricky. It takes up a lot of time to do it well, but then again, it’s such an honor to be able to attend beautiful shows and meet so many different people. I guess everyone should make that consideration for themselves, and I decided to work out a plan of action for September. I’m also working on Paris Fashion Week for this season, hopefully it will work out! I love Paris, can’t wait to shoot in the city of lights again. I think my blog could use some French action again. Anyway, enough for my hump day procrastinations, I should start getting ready for today’s meeting and think of outfits for London tomorrow. Speak later!

Ph. by Fransiska, editing by me

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