vintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketvintage bomber jacketWearing: vintage bomber jacket via The Vintage Twin (alternative here), Closed t-shirt, Closed jeans (alternative here), Converse sneakers, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Larsson & Jennings watch.


I had my very first “real” Brooklyn experience a few weeks ago. One of my good friends lived there for half a year, and she couldn’t stop talking about how awesome in specific Williamsburg (a neighborhood within Brooklyn) was. And that I definitely needed to prioritize a visit whenever I would be in New York next. And so I did! On the last Saturday in the city my man and I hopped on the subway towards this borough. It was so much fun, all the ingredients were definitely there: the weather was amazing, I wore my “new” vintage bomber I got the day before (double yay!), all the restaurants we tried were a success… Winning! We started with a brunch at Cafe Colette, outside in the sun. My friend recommended me this place and I totes get why. Super hipster, just outside the busy areas but still very central. I had the best bloody mary I have ever had (ok I didn’t try that many so far, but I can tell you this one was amazing), before walking around in the neighborhood and eventually crashing in McCarren park. Even though it was a weekend day it definitely didn’t feel very touristic out there, much more quiet and chill than the buzzy New York streets on a daily basis. I saw SO many amazing locations to shoot, I definitely need to go back there next time around. I only brought one outfit (yes, sometimes I bring more – just in case), so unfortunately we just got to shoot one. A pretty amazing one though, how good is this jacket? Back to the 90s in full effect, paired with the mom jeans and Chuck Taylors. When it comes to buying items myself, I’d rather buy vintage these days, so much more unique and fun when you find pieces like this. Did you ever get lucky? Curious to hear what gems you scored so far!




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