rebecca laurey black and white outfit black and white outfit rebecca laureyblack and white outfit rebecca laureyblack and white outfit rebecca laureyblack and white outfit rebecca laureyblack and white outfit rebecca laurey

Oh those Cali days. Pretty amazing Cali days! Especially when sporting a good old black and white outfit. I love being out there in Los Angeles, it gives me some sort of energy I don’t seem to get somewhere else. And a lot of that has to do with the climate. Life is just different when it’s sunny every day. Being from Northern Europe, I already get my fair share of clouds and rain when I’m back home. So when I travel, the sun is a welcome companion. I’m that kinda girl who’s mood depends on the weather. And yeah, we talk about “the weather” a lot out here, but come on, we do have something to complain about usually. Although recently it has been quite good, the weather turns around just as easy – pouring rain for two weeks straight. I’m sort of used to it by now, or I should be, but would still love for it to be different. I truly believe you can appreciate the sunshine better when you know your rain, but still. Two weeks straight? Seriously?

It’s probably why I love New York so much as well, although weather wise it hasn’t been amazing there lately either. But usually, when I’m there, it’s pretty good. It rains 2 or 3 days a month every single time I’ve been there. Maybe I just got lucky? Who knows. Speaking of that concrete jungle where dreams were made of: I’m coming back. And soon, way sooner than I anticipated. Love surprises like that! Do you guys have any travel plans? Please share!!

So about this outfit: it’s a classic. I don’t really wear a black and white outfit that often anymore. It’s all about multi-colour these days – who would have thought? I’m quite obsessed with this combo though, body suits are my new thing!

American Apparel body / Tibi skirt / Converse shoes / Illesteva sunglasses




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