bijenkorfbijenkorfbijenkorfbijenkorfbijenkorfbijenkorfbijenkorfWearing: , Self Portrait jacket and Neil Barrett skirt all via , Jimmy Choo bag, Isabel Marant boots, Stella McCartney sunglasses.

So imagine this. You’re in New York, for a month, attending your first ever New York Fashion Week before leaving the city. Off you go, back home, for 2 days before leaving again. This time London is your destination, another fashion week. Obviously you didn’t think outfits before you left somewhere mid-August, you didn’t really prepare those killer looks properly. For New York, you’ll have to sort yourself out, it’s too far out – a done deal. But for London, you still can. How? Preparations. Yes, people, it’s me telling you this. In Dutch we have a saying, literally translated to “a good beginning is already half of the work”. And I couldn’t agree more! So when the all of the above was happening, me only having two days to unpack, re-pack and think of awesomeness to wear to the shows in London, I decided to go to that place I know will guarantee myself big success – always: . The biggest luxury department store in Amsterdam, full of everything I could wish for and more. So within less than an hour I was done, sorted. Preparations almost without any effort. With the ever expanding list of beautiful brands (they sell my ultimate fave Self Portrait, in which I got married, now!) it’s not hard to find what you’re looking for. And when time is as precious as it was last week, not wasting any is key. I was pleasantly surprised to see some “big names” hanging there, I wasn’t fully aware of the assortiment. Fashion week is all about expressing yourself, making the best of your personal style. It’s about your identity, who YOU are. These clothes contributed to just that. Which makes them my perfect match. And a great provider of what I needed to get there. Winning!

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