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I must admit, the last few months of 2017 have been hectic. They’ve been good mostly, but hectic. Spending more and more time in New York is amazing, but it’s intense at the same time. We had so much to sort out, and we’re still not quite done, but oh goodness my head was so “full”. I really needed a little break to think things out, organize my brain so to say. So I took the last week of the year off, which was great and had a very chill start of the year when my bff came over to visit. But then, insert the drum rolls, MEXICO. Some of you might remember that I’ve been once before, around the same time 2 years ago, and had the best time. I’ve been wanting to go back for a while and am so happy I finally made it. My sister and her boyfriend joined for a few days, so my year couldn’t have started in a better way. Since I don’t get to see my friends and family at home too much these days, the quality time is always very welcome. I need that!

Anyway, we spent a good 5 days at the Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camps. Instead of a “regular hotel” this resort features luxury tents, it’s kind of a safari. You have your own kingsize bed and bathroom, we had a little denk with bubble bath. The resort has a restaurant, yoga room, spa and swimming pool as well. But their best asset, if you’d ask me, is their beach club. A short stroll from the hotel you’ll find one of the dreamiest beaches on the coastline. We basically spent most of our time there, on the sunbeds, drinking margaritas and eating nachos. Living our best lives! I know some of you have asked me about the place we were staying at so here are some pics and some pointers. Hope it helps!

*The resort is situated in Xpu Ha, about an hour from Cancun airport, 20 min from Playa Del Carmen and 30 minutes from Tulum.

*Because of the location I’d suggest renting a car, something we didn’t do and regretted! You can see so much more of the area this way and head into Tulum for dinner and drinks.

*The restaurant is great for breakfast, it comes with the room I believe, but I’d suggest for dinner to also explore other options. At night they don’t really serve the Mexican cuisine I was hoping for, but still plenty of other great options so this is a personal matter of course. During the day I would highly recommend ordering the beef nachos at the beach with a side of guacamole. It makes me hungry even thinking about it!

*Although you sleep in a luxury tent, it’s very spacious and quiet on the property so no need to worry about noise or anything. It’s kind of romantic when it rains at night and you hear it falling down without getting wet!

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