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A few weeks ago I started this series of beauty posts off with a review of a new face mask I wanted to try. But this post, today, is slightly different. I’ve been getting loads of emails about my beauty routine, and although I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m willing to share my experiences. Thing is that it has never had my undivided attention up until recently. So to answers the requests, here’s sort of what I use on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough to receive a lot of products from PR agencies, so I tend to switch brands quite often and use whatever I receive. Partly due to my laziness, partly due to the lack of knowledge about the products.

So, let’s get to business. I’m all for a natural effect, less is more. When it comes to clothing, yes, absolutely, but also when it comes to make-up. I love my smokey eye when I go out, but during the day I prefer to keep it simple.

1. Cleanser. Ever since I got it, I swear by my Clarisonic cleansing system and cleanser. So easy! I use it under the shower, multi-tasking to the max. Thoroughly cleaning your skin before applying shitloads of “junk” sound pretty logical right?

2. Serum. I’m 27, which means too young for an anti age cream, but definitely in need of a properly working serum to hydrate and renew the skin. I’m using Origin’s original skin renewal serum with willowherb. It feels good!

3. Day cream. No-brainer, obviously, but still I forget to apply it sometimes. I don’t know why it’s not in my “system”, definitely working on that. When I apply a day cream, I’d rather have one with SPF – so I don’t have to apply another layer of sunscreen lotion, which some people swear by as their day cream (side note). I use Clinique’s superdefense cream with SPF 20, lightweight and all-day hydration. In the end its main function is all in the name: defense.

4. Primer. Ok, I don’t do use a primer every day, but I try to remind myself to do so frequently. I recently got Smashbox’s primer water, a spray, hydrating and revitalizing the skin. The bottle says you should be “photo ready” after using this, and we want that right?

4. Foundation. I always use a little of my YSL touche eclat, just enough to cover some red or darker spots and to lighten the dark circles under my eyes. I know I should probably use a concealer for this, but I’m just too lazy to add another step to my routine, and this works just fine for me! I have a very light color, matching my skin tone.

5. Eye shadow. I usually opt for a palette of colors, like the one I’m using here from MAC called “A Glimmer of Gold”. It has all the right shades for a glowy look, from light gold to dark grey. Perfect for a natural, yet sophisticated appearance.

6. Eyeliner. Just a little bit on top of my eyelid, close to my lashes, to enhance the shape of my eyes. Currently using Eyeko’s “Eye Do by Alexa Chung” liquid liner, and loving it so far. So much fun to play around with!

7. Highlighter. This is another one I tend to skip when I’m in a hurry, but a sure thing when I do have time. Before I had one from YSL, but now I switched to Smashbox’s Halo Highlighting Wand in gold. Not sure which one I prefer just yet, will keep you posted!

8. Blush. So far, I have not found a specific one I prefer more than the old one I’m using from a department store nearby. Nothing fancy, but if it works, it works!

9. Mascara. I switch mascara’s all the time, but my fave brand so far has always been YSL. I always come back to the brand in the end and not in the least because it smells nice. I know that’s not really important when it comes to mascaras, but still for me it’s a pre. Now I’m using the Baby Doll mascara by YSL, but I’m almost done with this one so on the hunt for my next trial.

10. Lips. I don’t really use much on my lips other than Rosebud salve, but when I do spice things up I use Smashbox’s Pout lip gloss or MAC Russian red lipstick.

The brushes I used in this post are by Sigma Beauty. This post was partly sponsored in the terms of product gifting, but no paid advertising for any of the brands – just my humble experience. Obviously make-up and skincare is an important part of your appearance, so why not pay a little more attention to it? I could really use some tips on what and how, would love your advice! Also, anything you’d like me to post about in particular? Looking forward to sharing this beauty adventure with you!!


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PS. Big up for the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam, the prettiest location for my first beauty posts. Can’t wait to go back there!


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