Due to the new fragrance launch of Chloe Nomade, I was given the opportunity to visit Marrakech with my husband. It was such a surreal experience because there’s really no other place that compares to Marrakech. This blog will be all about the trip and I’ve compiled a list of tips for those who are interested in visiting this beautiful destination.

Let’s start off with some of the more obvious answers to your questions. I would say that going for a 3 to 4 day trip should be enough time to explore the city and get the vibe. The best time period to plan your visit would probably be in the Spring or Fall, when the temperatures are a little milder. The two primary languages spoken by the local community are Arabic and French, but not to worry if you don’t speak either, most vendors and restaurant staff do speak English. I think to plan the best trip possible, I would advise you to combine it with an excursion to the dessert or a journey through the Atlas Mountains.


“It was such a surreal experience because there is no place that compares to Marrakech”


You can stay at local Riads; which are small traditional homes with an inner courtyard/garden. These hotels usually only have a few rooms and feel very intimate. This is what we did while we were out there, and our experience was amazing. We stayed at the Riad Porte Royale. The staff was incredible friendly. Breakfast was included and every small bite was more delicious than the other. We also had a dinner on the rooftop, which is something they do on request and they’d prepare a traditional Moroccan meal for us depending on our preferences.I would say that the only downside of where we stayed is that it was a 15 minute walk from the centre of the Medina and since Marrakech is build like a maze, it was a bit tricky at night. However, the hotel was so lovely and it had a very boutique feel. You can also go way out and stay at one of the bigger and luxurious hotels like La Mammounia, which is something I’d love to try next time round.

These are just a couple of the places we visited and would definitely recommend. They include; Cafe Arabe, Cafe des Epices, Akkal, La Famille, La Terrace des Epices, Grand Cafe de la Poste, Nomad, La Maison Arab, Dar Yacout, limoni

I would definitely advise you to go to the Saint Laurent museum and Jardin Majorelle gardens, so stunning! Also I would recommend getting a guided tour for half a day, or a full day to see all the heritage sites.

Go to the souks in the Medina, the traditional market selling everything from herbs to carpets, lamps to shoes. Souks are a great place to really get in touch with Morocco’s vibrant culture and traditions. There are loads of different stands and shops where you can get anything from souvenirs to henna tattoos. However, like any boutique that hold their own merchandise, prices are negotiable. The best way to negotiate is to state a much lower price from the original price and your ultimate goal is to meet in somewhere in the middle. If they won’t budge at all, act like you’ve lost interest in purchasing the product and typically they’ll call you back and reduce the price.

This one particularly goes out to the women. You are not required to wear a head scarf especially in the tourist areas of the city, however you should follow a few simple guidelines to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. I would advise you to wear loose fitted dresses that cover your shoulders and knees, (this is also great to combat extremely hot weather). Loose pants and a t-shirt also work, and you don’t necessarily have to cover your feet so you’re good with sandals. If you want to be completely sure about what to pack, contact the residence your staying at or a local tour guide and they’ll provide you with all the answers.

In the old city you can walk almost anywhere, but you can take cabs which should never cost you more than a few dollars during the day (prices increase at night, but not to a crazy extent).


I could talk about my experience in Marrakech for hours. What I’ve provided in this blog post are the spots we visited in the short time we were there that I absolutely loved. The city has so much more to offer and I definitely hope I’ll get the opportunity to come back and explore the rest of this magnificent country. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to do the same! 

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