rebecca laurey slip dressrebecca laurey slip dressrebecca laurey slip dressrebecca laurey slip dressrebecca laurey slip dressrebecca laurey slip dress

Tibi slip dress, Jimmy Choo bag, Asos sunglasses, Nike shoes, Lie Sangbong scarf


What I was wearing on #NYFW day 1! I didn’t really do any shows, mostly meetings and presentations, so I opted for a slightly more laid-back look to start the week with. I love fashion, but dressing up for me doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. They go hand in hand, more and more. As you know by now, I love wearing white sneakers. If I had to choose one pair to wear for the rest of my life, it’ll probably be something like the above. Without realizing it, I combined a few of my fave trends from the past season in one outfit: a slip dress combined with a t-shirt, white sneakers and yellow sunglasses. These items I’ll definitely keep on wearing it throughout the next season. The t-shirts will be replaced by knits, or covered by chunky coats, and the shoes at some point replaced by boots. Easy does it! The yellow sunglasses instantly spice up any look, so those are definitely keepers.

The images are shot in Nolita, one of my fave neighborhoods in New York. Nolita stands for North of Little Italy, and is full of the best shops and restaurants. We stayed in this exact street in November last year, probably best located apartment we’ve ever rented. If we do end up moving to New York (hopefully!), and have some money to spare, we’d definitely move here. Only downside is that most apartment there are quite small, but hey I guess we have to compromise somewhere…


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