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Imagine this: you’re on a beautiful Italian island on a little getaway for some R&R with your partner, something that was long overdue, and you exit the high way 30 minutes before reaching your final destination. Your navigation tells you to go into those tiny little streets that lead you up the “mountain” or in this case active volcano the Etna, to who knows where. At some point you drive past beautiful mansions with widespread vineyards as their casual gardens and daily “office”. At first we were thinking: “where are we gonna end up?”. But then we decided we didn’t care because hey, we were in Italy driving through the most gorgeous little (and authentic if I may say) Italians towns that are not super familiar with tourists aka amazing food for great prices. In other words: we’re good, don’t mind us! Then you see the sign of your hotel: Monaci Delle Terre Nere. Driving up the hill towards the parking or “parcheggio” we knew we were right where we were supposed to be: paradise. The perfect ending to our already amazing, but way too short, Sicilian getaway. It’s a stunning 19th century villa on a 40-acre organic farm on the foothills of mount Etna. The original building features a yummy restaurant, reclaimed wood furnishings, an impressive art collection (see image above) and Phillipe Starck chairs set against black lava walls. The owners Guido and Ada were most welcoming, and invited us to join a wine tasting straight after arriving to the property. A fun way to get to know more about the boutique hotel, but also the owner’s background and other guests.


Anyway, this all wouldn’t have happened without my friends over at Mr. and Mrs. Smith introducing me to the hotel on their website. Whenever I want to book something special, with just that extra touch, I head over to their website to check what hotels they offer on specific locations. They offer you, like they say so themselves, ” your shortcut to the world’s best luxury and boutique hotels”. And this hotel without a doubt belongs in that list, I would say the perfect location for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon perhaps (we spoke to a French couple that was celebrating their honeymoon there). And for us the perfect spot to wind down and just do nothing. Because that’s basically what you’re supposed to do when you stay there, nothing but spoiling yourselves! Thanks for having us, we will be back!!

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