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new york citynew york citynew york citynew york citynew york citynew york city

I don’t think I have to explain my love for New York anymore. With only 2 more special posts coming up really soon, I’m closing of this little chapter on my blog. So I decided a bunch more photos that I didn’t add to previous posts in a little diary, with loads of tips for those of you heading there shortly. I’m not gonna list all the touristic stuff you can find everywhere, as those tips are not really interesting to me and widely covered everywhere else. We primarily did a lot of eating, with some cool activities in-between, I name a helicopter flight for example! Such a cool experience and amazingly different way of seeing the city. Those of you who’ve never been: even if you don’t feel really attracted to New York that much, which I can’t imagine at all, but still, please do go and visit and decide for yourself. Only then you can know if those feelings were correct. Let the city amaze you, and with these tips below I hope you at least have the foodie part covered. We were only there for a week, so I didn’t have time to do loads, but here’s what I’ve done and liked. When it comes to hotels, I’ve only stayed in one this time obviously, but I know the other ones from my own or other people’s experiences, or I’ve been wandering around the lobby to admire the beauty or crash at one of the restaurants to have a nice dinner.


1. The Whitney Museum

Beautifully designed and newly open, this museum of American Art is already worth a visit just because of that. The museum holds over 21.000 works by more than 3.000 artists, so do take your time.

2. MoMa

The museum of modern art is not one you should miss. An amazing collection existing of pieces from the most well known artists from the last few decades. They also have a dependance in Queens called PS1, this one is highly recommended by a friend of mine.

3. Metropolitan Museum

I love this museum! So majestic! And every season, after the big Met gala, a new fashion exhibition opens. And if that’s not convincing enough, go check out the view from the rooftop – seriously to die for!

4. Helicopter flight

Do this! Yeah it’s sorta expensive, but such a unique experience. I gave my man a helicopter flight for his upcoming birthday, and it was such a beautiful trip, totally worth it’s money. The best way to see the city! There are loads of different options, and you can opt for longer or private flights too, but the service we used is linked above.

5. Shopping in Soho

No explanation required I guess. Soho is by far my fave neighborhood in general, for so many reasons, and shopping is definitely one of them. Cute little boutiques and high end stores are mixed with the big names you can find everywhere. Oh, and a fantastic restaurant or coffee bar every so many meters.

6. Central Park hangs

Again, I guess I don’t have to explain this one. Central Park is huge, with options for you to choose from when it comes to restaurants. Little ponds every here and there, it’s truly amazing! I usually go for a visit to Whole Foods (supermarket) at Columbus Circle to stack up on food and drinks for a lovely picknick.

7. Barneys New York

This one deserves some extra attention, I love this store! And when out of money, just go window shopping. Don’t forget to visit the shoe department!

8. Staten Island ferry

We’ve tried this one the last time we were there, and I can still recommend it. It’s a free ferry leaving at the tip of Manhattan, below Wall Street, and it’s free. Such amazing views of the New York skyline.

9. Brooklyn bound

I already explained this one in my post last weekend, Brooklyn should be on your priority list! It’s so lovely and so different from the rest of New York! Somewhat more “hipster” (yuk, I hate that word) and more quiet.

10. The High Line

This one was new to me up until this time around, I loved it! Such a unique city park! It’s located above the ground, next to an old tram rails, looking over the widespread avenues, with little food stalls all-over if you’d be in need of some extra fuel.


1. The Butcher’s Daughter

On our very first morning in the city we headed over here for brunch. After repeatedly seeing this place for a while on Instagram, I finally got to go myself. And it was a big succes! I suggest you try the avocado sandwich, so good!

2. Jack’s Wife Freda

Another one from my favorite social media channel. I did love the food at this place, but boy it was loud out there! So be warned, but nonetheless surely worth a visit.

3. Maman

Such a cute little bakery and lunch place. You can pop in for take out or stay for a lovely Croque Maman and a fresh juice. It’s less discovered than most of the other places in this list.

4. The Egg Shop

It’s all in the name. Definitely worth the recommendations loads of friends gave us. Who doesn’t love eggs?

5. The Standard Grill

I love this place! And the hotel attached to it, including an amazing panorama view club and rooftop bar. The food was amazing and it had a very Instagram worthy interior.

6. Bubby’s

If you want big portions, this is your place to go. The burger (one of my fave meals to order, and I ate a bunch of them in the States, so I sorta see myself as an expert) is really good. It’s not really a super trendy place, but that’s not always necessary now is it?

7. Il Buco

I went here for a lunch meeting. And the locals would know you’d say. Well, that’s very true! The food is so yummy and the place is quite small but so cute. Perfect location too! You could also try its little sister a few streets up, although I prefer the original one.

8. Cafe Colette

This one it in Brooklyn, such a great recommendation (thanks Em). I love this place for multiple reasons: location, food, interior, staff. You name it! I’d say try to get a table outside and start with the bloody mary, so good!

9. Five Leaves

I haven’t actually been here but I think I can recommend the place anyway. It was our plan to visit this joint formerly owned by Heath Ledger, but the cues outside were insane. So we decided to go to Cafe Colette instead. From what I’ve heard definitely worth the wait though.

10. The Mercer Kitchen

Down the stairs a pretty cool restaurant is waiting for you below the Mercer Hotel. Head over for proper cocktails and a truffle pizza. Although I must admit the veal on Zanita’s plate looked pretty amazing too.


1. Royalton Hotel

We spent a week at this hotel with a major 20s vibe. It was such a nice place to come home to after spending a day in the hustle and bustle of the city. I can definitely recommend the cocktail bar downstairs too!

2. Ace Hotel

Like all the other Ace Hotels (I heard were getting one in Amsterdam too?), this one is pretty amazing. My fave so far is the one in downtown LA though, but that might have something to do with the rooftop pool. Anyway, always very happening with good restaurants.

3. Nomo Hotel

All white and blue everything! I haven’t actually stayed here myself but my man did, and he was very enthusiastic about the place. It was previously owned by the Morgans Hotel Group, recently taken over and renamed Nomo instead of Mondrian which usually means good quality venues. The location is sick, so I’d go there for that only.

4. Citizen M

Less expensive, but has got still everything you need. Including a sick rooftop bar with a view over midtown Manhattan. All the rooms are the same, and from my experience in London it’s just a good hotel, but nothing fancy.

5. The Ludlow Hotel

This place looks amazing! From what I’ve seen on Instagram I’m quite sure we could be the best of friends. Location wise not bad at all either, so win-win.

6. SIXTY Hotel

Again, one I’ve only seen on Instagram so far. But as I love what I’ve seen, I trust that it is just as good in real life.

7. The Standard Hotel

Already spoke briefly about this one. It’s a very well known hotel with the sickest location and views. It’s definitely high on my list of places I’d love to stay at, but so far haven’t been able too. The lobby and downstairs restaurant make the rest look very promising though.

8. The Wythe Hotel

A recommendation by a good friend of mine. Not only for the amazing rooftop bar they have. Sipping on a cocktail while watching the sun set “in” Manhattan. What more could one wish for? Oh and the interior is quite amazing too.

9. The New York Edition Hotel

This is one of my fave hotels in London, and surely the newly opened version in New York will be just as amazing. It’s just everything and more, but I guess you do need to bring a budget.

10. Soho Grand Hotel

Chic all the way. Such a beautiful hotel, but again, you might have to bring some extra pocket money for this one. I usually stay in slightly less expensive hotels and head over to hotels like these for lunch or brekkie.

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