OMG I’ve been so bad. I keep on thinking “I should upload more often” and then I don’t. Why? I can make up a million excuses but none will be good enough. Because I should have, it’s just been so manic. Plus I’m working on a new website that should hopefully be done soon – when that’s live it’ll definitely change around here. For the better, I promise.

“It’s all in the details.”

Because you know what? I miss it. I miss my old school blogging days. Sharing my outfits, travels and inspirations. I have so much to say and tell, that sometimes I just don’t know where to start. And because I don’t want to stay quiet until my next upload, aka my new site, I figured I’d share something really exciting with you. My New York apartment in Soho! It’s a one-bedroom corner apartment flooded with daylight, because it’s on the 5th floor and has windows on three sides.

3A1A0764 kopie
3A1A0913 kopie

We’re far from done furnishing it yet but it’s definitely worth a sneak peek! We’ve worked with Perigold to furnish our place. We got all of our lamps there, our rug, couch and side table. These were shot a little while ago, I already have updates a bunch of things, but you can definitely catch the direction we’re going into. It’s kind of a mix. I like to keep things homey and natural, with some retro touches like the orange that pops up here and there. We still need so much to finish the space but I’m beyond excited Perigold helped us start off with these amazing pieces.
3A1A0844 kopie

Perigold is an online shopping destination that basically covers anything you might need for your place. You can find anything from high street to high end, they have a beautiful curated selection of designer pieces. Ralph and I for example, were big fans of Artemide already. We have a few at home in Amsterdam but didn’t move them overseas because of the high shipping costs. When I saw the lamps on the Perigold website I got very excited!

rebecca laurey nyc apartment
rebecca laurey nyc apartment

No place like home right? Wherever we are I want to feel safe and secure, very comfortable in the space we’re living in. Although all of our New York furniture is new, the more recognizable pieces like the ones we had in Amsterdam make it all a bit easier to get used to. Big steps, more to come!

Cayman rug (on sale!)Selamat Designs bar stools (on sale!)Blu Dot couch (we have the brass legs), Blu Dot end tableArtemide Eclisse lamp (orange)Artemide Tolomeo lamp Pablo Designs lamp (brown, on sale!)