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Double denim done right with these 501 shorts and the denim jacket! At least, according to me that is. I’ve always loved double denim combos, for both guys and girls. It’s very 90s, and you guys might know by now that 90s (basically everything between the 70s and 90s) are my thing. Especially when it’s combined with a beautiful beach like this one in Big Sur. When we decided to drive up North, from Los Angeles to San Fransisco, we knew we had to stop in Big Sur. I’ve read so much about it, seen so many beautiful images, that I was quite sure this place was gonna be gorgeous. And it was! The first day we headed to Pfeijfer Beach, one of the most well known spots, and for a good reason, that’s partly covered in pink (yes pink!) sand. We stayed until sunset, and that’s actually when the magic starts happening… The golden light over the majestic cliffs and rocks, the fierce waves crashing on the pink sand, the out of this world beauty that Californians call home.

So there I was, watching the sun set up on the rocks. I am afraid of heights so it was slightly terrifying to climb up there but the view was definitely worth beating my fears for. Now back to that double denim, I only had to cover up my golden swimsuit later and 501 shorts that day because the temperatures started dropping. When it comes to layering up in the Summer time, I always opt for denim or a leather jacket. They’re just so easy to combine, and basically work with everything. What makes this one (and the shorts for that matter) extra special is that they’re customized. Just before leaving Amsterdam I headed to the Levi’s store (Kalverstraat) to get some goodies for Coachella and make them “mine” by customizing it with patches, studs and distressing. I love the personal aspect when it comes to clothing, when they have a story or special background to them. That’s why I started buying more vintage, the unique side to those pieces makes them so much more interesting.

My favorite denim shorts have always (and probably always will be) Levi’s 501 shorts. I started buying them when I was in high school and didn’t stop ever since. I’ve worn out multiple pairs, and recently got these new “old school” 501s. Old school because they look like my fave vintage pairs, but new because they’re actually new collection. And updated version, that’s retro enough to give off that same vibe as my oldies. Just added some extra rips and distressing, a few star studs on the back and boooom! New fave shorts: check.

Levi’s 501 shorts / Levi’s denim jacket / Calvin Klein swimsuit / Converse sneakers

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