Miss Sixty trench coat, , Miss Sixty t-shirt, , Tommy Hilfiger sneakers

Stepping out in Amsterdam at the golden hour. I’ve lived in Amsterdam for a good 7,5 years now and occasionally forget how pretty the city actually is. It sounds stupid, because it’s pretty obvious, but when you cycle through it on a daily basis you might not always be aware of what’s around you as much. But at the same time, on a random Friday early evening it could suddenly hit you: hello beauty! Especially during the golden hour, the light that makes everything prettier. This outfit is a bit of random mix of clothing I love to wear right now. For those of you following me on Instagram, the sneakers and bag have been frequent friends of mine. And although is quite the statement piece, you could say the same about this one. I recently did a major closet clean out, so I actually know what I have again and these are on top of my clothing stacks currently.

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