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With With a couple of big moves (quite literally actually) in the prospects this year, I’m clearing out my closet. I want to minimize big time for multiple reasons. How much can one girl have? Obviously it’ll make Ralph happy to have more space at home, but even I am getting annoyed with the piles of stuff I have that I barely use. So I need to be thorough, I know it’ll feel good. But it’s easier said than done, I still think I’d wear the items at some point when I hold them in my hands. Perhaps I need to set that one golden rule: if I haven’t worn it in a year it needs to go. But then there’s the sentimental stuff, clothing with “special memories”. So yeah it’s gonna be a task, but it needs to be done. And in the end, when I sell clothing or give it away, I tend to forget about them. That’s how much much they mean to me I guess. It almost never happens that I really regret throwing something, although items do tend to “come back in fashion” after a couple of seasons. But hey, worst case I need to buy a new piece no? If I really think I can’t live without that specific piece? In the end I’m not saving lives, I just really enjoy being creative with what I have and the less I have the more creative I’ll have to be so that’s a good thing I guess. Two items I won’t throw in the near future: the earrings and sunglasses I’m wearing here. Staple pieces, the items to “recognize Rebecca” this season. Yay!




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