rebecca laurey nautica   Nautica top and pants, Celine sunglasses


From Miami to New York, back to Miami, stranded in Atlanta, onwards to Los Angeles. Ending in Palm Springs. That’s about it, unless something urgent and last minute pops up. A whirlwind trip through the USA. And stranded yes, because I was attempting to fly from Miami to Los Angeles, but got stuck in Atlanta after a 5 hour delay in Miami. It had something to do with the weather, they said. But after another 5 hour wait at Atlanta airport, although no tough weather conditions, I did not end up flying to LA. Instead I was stuck in Atlanta with zero info on when I could fly out (all my flights were cancelled, and all upcoming flights were full). So after booking a last minute hotel (around 1AM) I headed back to the airport the next morning, hoping my airline could provide me with more info on when I could fly out. No success. Until my agency came to the rescue and booked me a new direct flight to Los Angeles, exactly an hour before departing. And somehow I made it. Resulting in quality time with my man in the city of angels that weekend, and this shoot in Venice Beach.

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