Lala Berlin sweater, Designer’s Remix bag, Celine sunglasses, Mango earrings


Imagine this: you get up early to catch a flight that ends up being delayed. Annoying, but I guess that happens (especially with short flights). I had calculated some time between arriving in Copenhagen and my first show, so there was enough margin for slight delays. Obviously the slight delays got longer and longer, until they were not so “slight” anymore, But hey, still ok – let’s not stress! Arriving in Copenhagen my bag didn’t show up. Well, in the end it did, the very last one after, again, delays with the luggage. I grabbed an Uber to my hotel just hoping for the best and enough time to change and eat something before my first show (Baum & Pferdgarten). “My outfit (the brand was dressing me) should’ve arrived by now”, I remember myself thinking. And it didn’t, but fortunately, after the hotel searched the entire hotel for my two other packages (they delivered it to the wrong room), I got this sweater that saved the day. I just wore the jeans I was already wearing and threw this one on top. LOVED it. So I guess sometimes unfortunate events end up being fortunate for a different reason. This specific day was such a day.


Ph. by the Styleograph




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