M Missoni dresses


It’s that time of the year again! New York Fashion Week is the first one to kick off the “big four” every season, and my favorite to attend. Usually this time of the year is a stressful one, so much to plan in advance and to organize on the spot. It’s not just my schedule, full of shows, presentations, events, dinners and parties. It’s also the logistics, hotels, flights, meetings, and last but not least: the outfits. But, learning from previous experience, this time I decided to tackle things differently. Because fashion week is only fun when you actually get to enjoy it. For me that means leaving enough space to be flexible on the days itself, to squeeze in a coffee with a friend or grab dinner with my husband. I need that to stay sane! Outfit wise, I do feel I’m more and more comfortable in my own skin and with the outfit choices I make. As soon as you overthink this, it shows. So I decided not to plan a single outfit in advance, I just wanted to make sure I had enough to choose from when I got to New York.


One of my fave brands out there made sure I had. M Missoni made sure I could spice up a grey day with one of their colorful dresses! How beautiful is this silk color block frock? Or the green dress paired with sneakers? I always love to either tone it down with sneakers or layer it up in a fun, slightly 90s, way. Because fashion week is also the time to be creative with your looks, no? It’s such an exciting time of the year and I’m so glad I found my way to navigate through it without feeling I’m losing myself in it. I just feel comfortable in brands like M Missoni so easy does it when it comes to that. The black dress I’m wearing here is a bit more chic, very lady-like. But even that with a pair of good old sneakers could work! I love the versatility of their pieces, the way I could style it for a night out or day-to-day look. Also perfect for some of my upcoming trips beyond the fashion week season: Miami, New York and LA anyone?

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