Dior ‘ La Colle Noire’Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Scent of a Dream’Tom Ford’s ‘Velvet Orchid’


Just like with beauty products, I switch a lot between perfumes. When I was still in high school I got the Ralph Lauren ‘Romance’ scent, and I’ve used it ever since. It’s one of the only perfumes I will always buy again – although I don’t use it on a weekly basis anymore. Because I’m lucky enough to receive quite a lot of beauty products to test out, I also have more options when it comes to perfumes. I don’t like everything I get, obviously, but these three I do like. And I’ll tell you why.

From the above my absolute favorite, but at the same time quite expensive, scent is the Dior ‘ La Colle Noire’. It’s unique, spicy and powerful. It is not overly sweet, it conveys all the raw and sun-drenched beauty of the Grasse region in the south of France. Next up is one I’ve been using daily the past couple of weeks, Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Scent of a Dream’ is a mix between fruity and floral, perfect for every day use. Tom Ford’s ‘Velvet Orchid’ though, is something I would prefer wearing at night. It’s a feminine, oriental perfume – a bit spicy.



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