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Closed jeans, Sarenza sneakers, H&M earrings


It’s that time of the year again, days are getting shorter, leaves start falling and the heaters are switched on. I usually don’t really like the colder season, but there’s something about the Fall this year – and I don’t really know what is is. No Fall blues here!! Maybe because I feel like everything is slowly falling into space, and I’m overall super excited and happy how things are going both in my personal and professional life. Just like with everything my level of happiness has it’s ups and downs, i don’t think one can be 100% happy all of the time, there are so many external factors that can make you feel a certain way. My dad once taught me that it’s always you though, that’s responsible for how you feel. Because you let it in, you let it happen. So over the past few years, and I guess that comes with getting older, I’ve been trying to put so much less energy into those things that I don’t like doing, people I don’t actually really enjoy hanging out with and it’s been good. Because if you really like something or someone it’s not supposed to cost you so much energy. Life is good but also way too short to spend it with people that are not 100% right for you. I’m so incredibly lucky with an amazing husband, supporting family and a very tight group of old friends from back in high school and couple of newer friends from my university years and professional life. They are what matter, their health and happiness is what matters. Everything else is replaceable, having the right people around you that truly care about you for who you are is not something you can buy and therefore worth so much more. That’s why I’m excited to be a part of Sarenza’s #girlsquad campaign, these pics are part of the project can follow on my Instagram. Girl power!!


Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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