Beauty… It’s something I don’t know much about, I would never claim that I’m an expert whatsoever but in the end I’m a girl that has a ton of make-up and of course I have my favorites. I might not be using the correct brushes or applying my day cream the proper way, but what it comes down trying to look prettier by enhancing or complementing the strong point and covering the spots I’d rather not show. Little over a week ago I was on a press trip to the Champagne area in northern France with Moet & Chandon. My beautiful hotel room was the perfect backdrop for a beauty shoot – or so I thought. I didn’t really plan on shooting this, so I didn’t really think of specific products I needed to bring. What you see if what I’m most comfortable with using when I have little time (on my travels). My beauty bag varies every single time I go somewhere because I’m lucky enough to receive beauty products on a regular basis from a bunch of beautiful brands. And some of the other products I bought myself.



Day cream

I use a day and night cream, and also these vary on a daily basis. This time I brought two of my favorites actually, I have been using those the most the past few weeks. Charlotte Tilbury’smagic cream” is a really thick cream that always leaves my skin a bit shiny, but I really feel like it moisturizes my skin properly when I use it. Feels so good!

Night cream

This Lancome “Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask” from the “Energie de Vie” range
I got on an event a few months ago and it’s the best. It smells nice to so I guess that’s a plus. It actually feels like the complete opposite of the day cream I used that day, it’s super light and leaves my skin feeling plumped and energized.


I don’t use a lot of foundation, but when I do I tend to opt for this one from MAC. I always buy it when I go to New York (ok maybe not every single time but always when I’m about to run out), since it’s cheaper there than it is in Europe. I’m wearing the “NC25” shade that’s perfect for me all year round unless I’m a bit tanned, but since that rarely happens I can use it most days of the year.




I brought two different ones with me, my all-time favorite “Long Hot Summer” palette from Nars with the best neutral shades to wear during the day or night, to create a natural looking (and a bit softer) smokey eye. I also brought Charlotte Tilbury’s “Eyes to Mesmerize” for more of a party look at night. It feels a bit weird to put something that’s a bit “wet” on my eyelids but it looks amazing and I love how the gold complements my green/grey eyes and blond hair.


I still haven’t found the perfect mascara yet! I brought “false lashes waterproof” from MAC that is pretty good, but it’s not the perfect one yet. I like volume without all my lashes sticking together.  A little drama never hurt nobody! And I never really wear fake lashes so I need some extra action on my own lashes. I recently bought my good old trusted Maybelline mascara that I used when I was younger so let’s see how that works out.




Although most of the products pictured above have some good old competition, I can say without a doubt that this blush is the best one I’ve ever used. It’s pink with gold undertones (when the light hits my face). I already had so many compliments out this one so that made me believe other people see it too. The name of this Nars product is “Orgasm” – pretty much is the best name ever, and I didn’t know it was a thing until one of my sisters told me. Although it might sound a bit perverse, go try this product, you will not regret it!


I don’t know how to contour my face, confession, but I occasionally use this bronzer from Nars “Laguna/Casino” product under my cheekbones to accentuate them. Is that how you use it? I don’t really know but I do like the effect!




I do have two favorite perfumes, but I don’t always bring them because the bottles are so big. So when I don’t feel like it, like this time apparently, I bring one of the testers I received in goodie bags. I brought Prada’s “Candy” which smells really light and floral so it’s perfect for daytime use.



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