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Do we really need reasons to visit Cape Town though? If you’ve ever been, you might have been seduced by the city already. My most recent visit was just a little over a month ago and I’m already plotting a way to get back there asap. That might have something to do with the horrendous weather here in Amsterdam, I need summer! Since we can’t always get what we want when we want it, we have to find ways to get there – my way is through photos. It might just last a second or two, but I’ll be there, in South Africa, for just that fraction of time. I’ve been to the city five times now, and it just never gets boring. My boyfriend was born in South Africa, so that personal connection surely has something to do with it. As a part of the New York Times’ 52 places to go in 2014, Cape Town has the kind of splendour that will have you packing your bags stat and hop on that plane. I’m already convinced and here’s why, my 10 reasons to visit Cape Town:

1. Location, location, location! The city is conveniently located and surrounded by beaches, gardens, winefields, mountains and harbors.

2. The natural beauty. It’s hard to ignore what you see when you arrive to Cape Town, no matter how and where you enter the city. It’s spoiled by the bounty mother Earth has granted it.

3. Beach bums! I don’t really have to say more if you’ve taken a look at my Instagram last month. The most stunning crisp white beaches and turqoise seas. My faves are Clifton and Llandudno, and parking usually isn’t a really big problem which is a big plus.

4. Music. The city is full of creatives, including musicians of all sorts. I, personally, am a big fan of the Cape Tonian DJ duo , my fave track of the moment is this . I still needs to catch one of their live performances, but luckily they do make the trip over to Europe regularly too.

5. Wine. Gosh I love wine, those of you who know me personally can definitely agree upon that. It’s not that I drink every day or irresponsibly, but I do like a glass or two over dinner or a girls-night-out. Especially when it’s accompanied by a traditional ‘braai’ or barbecue. South Africa is famous for its wines, and Cape Town is just a 20 minute drive from the most well known winelands in the region like Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

6. Botanical gardens. Flowers are a blogger’s best friend. And guess where you find the most special kinds? The botanical gardens of course, and Cape Town is the lucky owner of a very beautiful and big one.

7. Wildlife. Although the ‘real’ safari’s are nowhere near the city, you can definitely see some animals we don’t have here in Europe (apart from the zoos). Best example and one of the cutest animals ever are the penguins. Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town is just a stone’s throw away from the city centre and definitely a must see.

8. Shopping. Ok this is not really the best place on earth to go shopping, but when you’re looking for vintage gems this is definitely the place to be. You have a bunch of great vintage stores scattered all-over the city.

9. Sports. Work on those calves! With a pleasant climate all-year-round most activities take place outdoors. Amazing hiking trails up on the Table Mountain and Lion’s Head (where these photos were taken).

10. Sunsets. If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a major weak spot for those, and no sunset can beat those in Cape Town. With plenty of bars and restaurant overlooking the seaside it’s not to hard to find a good spot to enjoy a sundowner.

These photos were shot by me and my boyfriend hiking up the Lion’s Head. A 1,5 hour scary walk up the mountain to see the sunset from there. Even with me being scared of heights it was definitely worth the trip up, wouldn’t wanna miss this. I’m thinking of doing travel posts somewhat more often, sharing my tips and guides to the cities I’ve been to. Curious to hear if you’d like to see those!

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