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Sometimes you get a piece in your hands that you basically want to wear with every single outfit just because it works with every single outfit. And because it’s awesome. This jacket is such a piece. I think I got it in 2 months ago, when it was way too warm to sport it with my summer looks. But lately it’s been the typical Amsterdam summer weather aka, a lot of rain and Fall like temperatures. So I’m layering up a bit more, enter the jacket. It’s basically a mix between a blazer and a coat, so you can wear it both dressed up or down. I wanted to show you two completely different looks, that have nothing in common apart from the jacket (and me in it). Just to show the versatility. This is by no means a sponsored post, although it might come off as one, I simply wanted to share this piece because I love it so much. I do not only want to post sponsored content, nor do I have to, I want to post what I feel like posting and what I support no matter who the sponsor is or not. Because bottom line, what comes on here, on this site, I support for 100%. I want to wear those pieces, and the fact that something might be sponsored should have nothing to do with the credibility of what I do or write. It’s a thin line, I’m aware of that but sometimes I feel like actually speaking my mind and saying the above makes things more clear for those who read and see my posts!

So for outfit number one, something I was wearing last week for a day at the office, I opted for all rusty shades: a summer dress, retro cardigan and the above mentioned jacket. This time with sneakers, the way you’re probably used to from me, next time it’s be something else. So curious to hear what look you prefer!




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